Pipe and Diamond museum of Saint-Claude

Do not miss this visit! !

Located near the cathedral of Saint-Claude, the Pipe and Diamond museum offers a unique exhibition !
This private museum created by the Brotherhood of Master Pipe makers from Saint-Claude and the Association of Diamond dealers from Haut-Jura invites you to discover the history of the two know-how that make the city famous.

In the "Pipes" section, old tools and machines immerse the visitor in the atmosphere of the traditional workshops. A rich collection of smoking pipes presents the diversity of French and international production. Finally, you could discover the chapter hall where twice a year, the enthronements of new members of the Brotherhood take place.

In the "Diamonds" area, a reconstituted workshop with animated workers revives the tools and traditional machines. A collection of uncut/cut precious stones from the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (lapidary category), some reproductions of famous diamonds and the crown jewels of the United Kingdom are also presented. Finally, a documentary will allow you to discover the different cutting techniques and the history of the diamond and precious stone cutting.